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Close Buttons and Embedding ?

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  • Close Buttons and Embedding ?

    I'm using SKINbedder to embed GoogleEarth. I have a shut-down script that switches CF to Media (Ctrl-Shift-M) and kills GE/GooPs/Sb. If I shutdown using a skin button, it works great. If I press the CF exit button in the lower-right corner or the CF close button on the non-fullscreen embedded window title-bar, it seems to not close SKINbedder, just hide the window until you switch back to it from the main-menu. However, if I press the CF close button while in full-screen, it kills SKINbedder and does not execute my OnCloseQuery event code (which leaves the GoogleEarth.exe process running and leaves me starring at an emptied embedded window that I have to un-full-screen and then exit using the lower-right button).

    Can you help me understand how it works and how it is supposed to work David? I definitely don't think you should kill an embedded app without sending asking it to close first (either via API or just sending Alt-F4 to it).

    Also, when I launch SKINbedder from the main menu, it often changes back to the main-menu and I have to press the button again to see my app. This seems to happen every time my app embeds another apps window (GooPs, then GoogleEarth).

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    The external applicatiosn losing focus is a known issue...

    I will double check my close external application code, but it first sends the standard window close message, then if that is not succesful it forces the application to exit... or this is what it's suppose to do...

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