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    Can someone explain how get the voice commands to work. I have done the voice training and the mic test. and have "voice programed" the commands.
    Is there a button I need to activate to make this work. I see a "quote" button that turns blue when I activate it but I get nothing.

    I have tried the search and have used the command "computer" before all commands but still nothing..


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    I am also having problems with the voice stuff... I am wondering did you install the bundled cf1.6+sapi or did you install 1.6 / sapi seperaterly? When I had sapi installed and 1.5 it worked great but when I uninstalled my sapi and used the one bundled 1.6 it doesn't work...

    I will uninstall tomorrow and try installing seperate sapi sdk / 1.6 and let you know if that helps.
    Hardware: VIA Epia MS 12000, 512 DDR, 60GB HD, 7" Xenarc, GM-210, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Xtreme
    Software: Centrafuse2,, nLite, TopoUSA 5.0, iGuidance, Girder, Winc


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      I installed it seperate and it does not work for me.


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        anyone esle have an idea of how to fix this


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          I am having the same issue. The voice feature won't even turn on for me.