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  • CF 1.6 and NAV

    I thought I'd report that I'm having zero problems embedding and using IGuidance with the latest version of IGMod in CF 1.6. Even the problem with CF stealing focus seems to have gone away.

    That being said, I really like the way the integrated nav looks and works in CF1.6. I have never used Destinator, but have read that Destinator 3 is a real POS. I'm hoping that the newest version of Destinator, which I believe is Destinator 6, will make the following improvements:

    1. Better routing;
    2. Better US maps; and
    3. Better POI.

    If so, I would definitely consider the switch from IG to Destinator to benefit from the excellent integration.

    I'm curious whether anyone has used newer versions of Destinator and seen a significant improvement over version 3.

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    I just read your post and downloaded IGmod and it works pretty well. I have a few issues but that could be because I downloaded the preview 4 version rather then the latest beta version. Which one are you running?

    I have issues with the OSK being offset on the screen, my poi's don't seem to work and I had a problem trying to set a route. other then that it is working OK. I only had a chance to set it up and play with it for a very short time, so maybe I will resolve the other issues as I play more.

    Bets regards,



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      I think you're using the correct version. I should have been clearer in my post. IGMod has some issues which PURDooM is aware of and will be working on after his classes end. These issues, such as the ones you mentioned, are IGMod specific and will be present regardless of the front end used. My post was directed to those who have posted that they can't get IGuidance to work with CF1.6. I just wanted to report that IGMod with CF1.6, though admittedly not perfect, seems to be a workable nav solution.


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        Lucky you because it just looses focus for me every time i touch anything.
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          i just thought i'd toss my results in... just got back from a lot of driving and got to try IGmod and CF 1.6 together and see what works and what doesn't. It seems that once i load IGmod it loads up and then drops me back to the main CF menu. Then if i press the IGmod button again i get back into it. However, if i try to use the menus, it will usually give me the first menu then when i press next i get bumped back to the main CF menu. Also if any window pops up in IGmod such as the route information, trying to press OK to clear it is next to impossible as the focus keeps dropping back to CF menu. anyway, IGmod is usable for me as far as watching where i am on the map, but trying to use any of the Point of Interest or guidance won't work. I can get the menu to come up, such as pressing Custom and then i can hit Go To Gas and that works but if i need to press "next" for any of the windows then it usually jumps back to CF. that's my experience anyway...


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            Yep, thats exactly the problem.
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            1999 Honda Accord Car PC Status [::::::::..] 80% Complete (Setting up software before final install)