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Crazy Suggestion: OBD-II based anti-theft system

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  • Crazy Suggestion: OBD-II based anti-theft system

    One of the concerns I have with my Car PC is that one day some bugger will steal it. If they do this I'd like it to become unusable.

    Obviously it wont be invulnerable to a format and reinstall, but your average crackhead wont know how to do that.

    So. I'm not sure what data you can get from OBD-II but if you can get any kind of uniqueish ID such as VIN or Chassis number, would be possible to have an option to read this on startup and if the info has changed (or is missing) then require a password to be entered before continuing.

    However, for gods sake don't use this for licencing the commercial version or I will have to hate you forever

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    me like...


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      OBD only reports information from the engine's sensors. There's no VIN or serial numbers anywhere in that data, so that information couldn't be used. Besides, OBD isn't going to read anything until the PC is fully booted into Windows anyway, and it sounds like you want something that will prevent access at a hardware level.

      However, RFID tags might be able to be employed, perhaps. The RFID chip is somewhere in the car, close enough so the PC will be able to read it. If the RFID chip is used as authentication for the PC, then it wouldn't boot or prompt for a password or whatever if the chip isn't present.

      I wouldn't expect this method to be very cost-effective however.
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        Some of the new cctv software we have installed uses USB security dongles to allow you to use it. Without the dongle inserted into the pc you can't do anything with the software at all.

        Maybe theres some way of using this kind of feature??

        All you would have to do is take it with you like taking a face-off player with you (only a lot smaller)
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          my nissan displays the vin number via obd2... but what ur looking to do isnt possible.
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            All I wanted to do was stop CF from working if the VIN changes.
            It wont prevent the PC being stolen, but it will **** off whoever ends up with it, so there's a slightly higher chance of me finding it dumped in a hedge or something.


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              or you could just have an application built in that you can access via the internet so that whenever both you and the car pc are connected to the internet, you have control of it, and you have the option of erasing everything, or you could take screenshots and see what the gusy up to on your pc... or better yet, have your gps send information to you so you know whee the bugga is at
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                If the entire car gets nicked then I could do all of those things (once CF plays nicely with Wireless) though I already have a separate satellite tracker for this purpose.

                This suggestion is more to do with the kind of thief who smashes the window, nicks your stereo and tries to sell it in order to buy more crack. Those of you with boot installs rather than the entire PC crammed into a double DIN probably aren't as worried about this.