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  • Request - Speed Controlled Volume

    Could it be possible to have a plug in that would change the sound volume depending on the Speed of the Car ? (Maybe it could be reading the speed using the GPS). That would lower the sound a little at low speed and turn it up when you go faster...
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    I would love that. But I don't think the CF API supports reading the GPS data...
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      odb-ii would be better, but less people would support it...


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        Originally posted by justintime
        I would love that. But I don't think the CF API supports reading the GPS data...
        What would the CF API have to do with communicating with your GPS?

        You should be able to query your GPS device directly and then manipulate the CF volume via the CF API

        Maybe I am missing something.
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          I asked about this a while ago but haven't heard yes/no either way.
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