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Looking for Sonique Visualizations

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  • Looking for Sonique Visualizations

    Does anyone know of a website where I can download some new sonique visualizations? I have been looking but can't find any.

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    Here are some sonique visuals...

    I added support for UltraPlayer visuals in 1.7, but I believe if you put the files in the visuals directory they should work in 1.6... Here is a link to some UltraPlayer visuals...

    note: all visuals will not work, whether sonique or ultraplayer... Most should work, but you will run across some that are not properly written that will not load... Also some of the visuals are CPU hogs... I have already fixed the failure to exit fullscreen visuals when the CPU is peeked in 1.7, but you may have some that give you problems with 1.6... I will be releasing 1.7 as soon as possible...

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      Well, they do work in 1.6... but the ones I haver tried makes CF double the amount of ram used and takes 100% of my CPU on my Athlon 64 3800+. And the GFX in fullscreen is slow! Cant be getting more that 1 -2 fps... No way I will use this in my Car...

      I hope you are planning a change to the way visualisations are handled in 1.7

      I tried playing a bit with priority on CF with the included visuals. If I lower priority on CF the Visuals go sluggish and I cant exit fullscreen. If I set the priority higher than normal I still cant exit visuals and instead of the visuals going faster they are still sluggish but the sound is unable to keep up.

      If I dont do anything with the priority I'm able to exit visuals. And the look just fine.