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Speed Camera and multicam support

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  • Speed Camera and multicam support

    Ive tried to find the answer in earlier posts, but couldt'nt find a clear answer..

    Will there be an Speed Camera support in the final version of CF??
    Here in Norway the speedingtickets are HIGH.. Ex. If you go 105km/h in a 70km/h zone, the ticket is 1200$.. The lowest ticket are 100$, if you only go 5km/h over the limit..

    We also get "dots" in our licence.. 8 "dots" within 3 years, and we loose it for up till 1 year i think it is.. you get two "dots" for every ticket (one if only 15km/h or lower over speed limit)

    This is why I would like to have an Speed Camera support in CF.. I think CF is the best Front End, and I will buy it if the navigation have this..

    I have used MapMonkey, and have a database that works.. I want to use this in CF to..
    I guess I can use MM as an external app, but CFs navigation would be the best, cause of the support..

    I also wonder if there will be multicam support with recording integrated.. This would make CF perfect for my use..

    Hope this haven't been answered earlier.. If so, sorry..

    Thanks for a great Front End, and sorry for my bad english..


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    The new CAM plugin does support recording. It stores recordings and snapshots under CAM Videos and CAM Pictures in the media manager (my library)...

    I plan to add support to easily toggle the camera, but currently you set it up in settings...

    I have made many improvements to the GPS, but not added custom POI's/Alerts yet. I do plan to implement this.

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      Thanks for fast reply..

      I hope you will make a similar speedcam support like MM..

      Will you think about making it so it can show and record multiple cams at one time??

      This would be great when parking (showing both front and rear of car) and if you like to make a short clip when you are driving (ex. streetmeets) and then edit the different recordings when you come home..


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        About CAM option.

        Some of us, for fixation reason, need to fix our CAM in bottom to up position.

        I think an important option is missing in CAM plugin :

        Horizontally and vertically video flip.

        Long time ago I started a CAM plugin for embed it in CF.

        I used VideoCapX DLL.

        It was able to detect all CAM features (horiz. and vert. flip and others...).

        I think this option would be great in CAM plugin.

        The pluging would save each config for each CAM (cause i understood you would set multi cam plugin). Perhaps with USB ID of the devices or something else...You know it better than me.

        I don't know if you have already think about it.

        but please David consider it if you don't.

        Thank you.
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          I just have a question...what's the point in having a camera if you have a rear view mirror?


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            Better viewing when parking a lowered car.

            Recording other people hitting your car.

            Just for the fun of it...
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              Originally posted by L-U-R-C-H
              I just have a question...what's the point in having a camera if you have a rear view mirror?
              When you use your rearview mirror while parking, you only see what you can see out the rear window.. If you have an wideangle cam mounted in the rearbumper of your car (or other places in the back) you will have full view of the area behind your car.. You will easily see objects you wouldnt see in the mirror, and the distanse to these objekts (and cars when paralellparking) redusing the risk of bumping into things.. For me, this is a cheap "insurance" when I finish styling my car.. If you have one in the front (and even on the side of your car, if you want to be "total insured" so you dont damage your rims) you can almost park anywhere.. Its easier when you see the distanse while backing up..


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                Oh wow I didn't even think of that. Not a bad idea cuz I have a lowered car with a bodykit. I guess I just pictured people putting them right under the spoiler or something so as to basically act as a rearview mirror. Haha, didn't think about mounting it in places where you might hit something while backing up! Alrighty cool...thanx guys!