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  • Hibernate / Resume awareness

    I suspect this will go LOW on your priority list because I think it affects comparatively few people but here goes:

    With each version of CF I've had a problem with hibernation... if I hibernate mid-song, it won't be playing upon resume. Track counter is still ticking, but no sound. If I skip forward or back, I get sound again. This isn't a huge hassle most of the time but I have a lot of 1-2 hour live sets in single track MP3s and when I'm halfway thru one it sucks to lose my place.

    In the past, Roadrunner had the same problem for me, but the newest version of RR has a setup option "Roadrunner is aware of hibernation / resume procedures" or something to that effect which, if checked, solves my problem. It flawlessly resumes mid-track when I start my car.

    I can only suspect this has something to do with the audio output throwing the entire track at the soundcard and not reopening a channel upon resume or something silly like that. Sadly I still MUCH prefer CF's interface to any RR setup I've tried, so I'd really like to see this issue solved in CF but I suspect more than anything it has to do with RR being a winamp frontend and CF having its own sound section. Unless Veetid has some clue why they are behaving differently I think I'm going to end up stuck with RR in the long run.

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    note: I'm running an Audigy2zx with KXdriver which is probably why I have this problem and others don't, but it's a necessity for my current setup.