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Feature request: Enable MS Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Voice Recognition and PhoCo

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  • Feature request: Enable MS Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Voice Recognition and PhoCo

    Apparently, MS has echo cancellation services built into XP. MSN messenger makes use of them and so do a few third party apps.

    It has to be enabled by the app that uses it, and the app also has to provide an option to go through the MS Audio/Video Tuning Wizard.

    This would benefit both voice recognition and PhoCo, especially PhoCo!

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    This would be a really good feature, i've been trying all kinds on mics including Logitech and Nokia, but there is echo.
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      The Audio is controlled entirely by the Broadcomm stack not by PhoCo. Since the Broadcom driver is using the configured devices for Audio input/output any change in the systems behavior (i.e. adding codecs that support AEC) is supposed to affect the Broadcomm either.
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        Are you saying we can enable this already?
        How? From what I've been able to find out, AEC is supported natively by XP but is enabled at the application level. MSN Messgener is one app that provides access to MS AEC.

        If you know how to make this work, please share as it's the last obstacle to me having a useable PhoCo

        (as it stands, at least it'll stop customers from harassing me when I'm driving unless it's really important as it's them that get the echo, not me )


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          To be honest, I'm using a headset instead of the CarPC so I never tried that. AFAIK you need to have the proper codec to do so.
          AEC can be enabled or disable through the Audio and Video Tuning wizard. In Microsoft products, this wizard is commonly found on the Tools or Options menus. As shown in Figure 1 below, selecting the I am using headphones check box in the Audio and Video Tuning wizard disables AEC. AEC is on by default if this check box is clear. Many cameras and microphones ship with hardware-specific AEC. Hardware-specific AEC often disables this check box, which the user then sees as dimmed. For information about configuring hardware-specific AEC, see the OEM's software documentation.
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