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Centrafuse Future Features

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  • Centrafuse Future Features

    Future Features
    1. add support for matrix orbital serial VFD displays,, also test multiple HD44780 devices and wirings
    2. add ability to read settings list, non-dynamic 12 items, from an XML file that can be edited to remove elements from the list such as RADIO, VFD, INTERNET, etc...
    3. Winamp DSP plugin support
    4. should not have to re-read tag information for an already loaded USB/CD device
    5. make secondary screen image sections navigation, external application, web, and cam all have secondary skin buttons
    6. displaying callers picture in the phone dialog, how to display on inbox contacts, match on name
    7. add ability to auto change skin based on calculated sunrise/sunset, if GPS is not available then allow the user to input their latitude/longitude
    8. add support for weather plugin to read location from GPS plugin, create new option in weather setup dialog to select one of three options ("home location", "current location", "destination location")
    9. hold down a button for 5 seconds and it pops up the dialog to re-assign it's action
    10. setting to auto import usb/cd media when inserted, add option in general enable/disable auto import
    11. add export button to send videos/music/pictures to devices (USB/iPod)
    12. add song usage information so you can load playlists such as "Top 20 Most Played", "Never Played", "Top 50 most recently played", "Top 10 Most recently added to library"
    13. add gauges in OBDII section
    14. add ability to enter backspace and line break with OSK, office plugin will need these, also need one extra button for some languages
    15. support DRM (iTunes) aac files
    16. Sirius support

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