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Centrafuse RC3 Release Notes

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  • Centrafuse RC3 Release Notes

    Important Notes
    1. all playback channels used for input, line-in, mic, cd-in, etc.. should be muted in the playback section of the mixer
    2. uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release
    3. after you setup your phone, restart the application before using it
    4. voice recognition requires a USB or Bluetooth microphone, or any separate input. Centrafuse uses the primary sound card input for sending data to the visualizations and adding pause/rewind/fastforward functionality to radio and satellite radio

    New Features
    1. added the ability to enable/disable popups in web browser settings
    2. increased main title scroll speed
    3. added option to set the POI distance in navigation settings
    4. added avoid road support in navigation
    5. added a new beat sensitive visualization, removed two slower ones
    6. password fields are encrypted when saved
    7. added hotkeys for all dialogs, enter for ok/load, escape to cancel, and left/right to use arrows when available
    8. added show/hide POI categories on map in navigation by using + and - buttons (eye icon does not show back up when you reload the dialog, but +/- do work and hide/show POI's on the map, this will be fixed)
    9. all six native languages included English, French, German, Italian, Poruguese, and Spanish
    10. when run as shell is enabled all items in startup folders and registry run sections are executed, makes run as shell work with some installed devices
    11. added support for newer sound drivers rear/sub/center channels
    12. rear and sub channels change volume with the master based on a ratio you set in the mixer as you adjust the sliders
    13. added feature to allow master volume controls to adjust pre channel
    14. external applications can now be set as non-GUI external applications and not embed within the application
    15. you can specify which output channel to send music with a multi-channel soundcard
    16. added web links which add a button to the main page that load the web browser with a specified URL, custom icons supported like external applications
    17. added hotkey for toggling fullscreen mode, same hotkey works on all sections that support fullscreen
    18. added hotkeys for navigation functions cancel current route, zoom in/out, load navigation menu, load view menu
    19. added getGPSInfo function to the SDK which includes altitude, azimuth, direction, eta, etr, housenumber, latitude, lockedsatellites, longitude, remainingdistance, speed, street, city, zip, destination city, destination house number, destination latitude, destination longitude, destination street, and destination zip
    20. added CF_setGPSRoute function to the SDK which allows you to route to a location using latitude and longitude
    21. added function to CF_setGPSRoute in the SDK which allows you to route to a location using city or zip and street, housenumber is optional
    22. all files and directories are properly sorted, including when loaded from CD/USB devices
    23. added option to disable tag reading when inserting CD/USB devices and browsing by music folders, it speeds up the loading and browsing when in these modes
    24. added x,y coordinates to the config.xml file, which allow you to position the application anywhere on the screen(s), this will be adjustable through settings in the next release
    25. added a standard size picture box for full screen visualization album art view

    Bugs Fixed
    1. phone and the phone wizard properly run
    2. show turn function in navigation shows the selected turn
    3. speed in navigation should display properly
    4. turn by turn distance in navigation, in imperial mode, displays properly
    5. the right turn by turn images are displayed for left hand and right hand side driving
    6. orient north/forward button in navigation view dialog is no longer backwards
    7. turn by turn buttons in navigation work with keyboard control
    8. decreased the amount of time the audio pauses when directions are spoken in navigation
    9. VFD setup screen has the proper heading
    10. quickest route/shortest route toggle properly works when not in a current route
    11. enter works on the list views in single or double click mode
    12. keyboard control works on list views when in single click mode
    13. play now button properly works in single click mode in "My Library"
    14. buttons should no longer stick in single or double click mode
    15. changing skins while you have a picture list loaded in media properly updates media background
    16. fixed holding down the back button in global navigation to go back to the previous section
    17. space in OSK only enters one space
    18. using enter key on some list views no longer sends the enter stroke twice
    19. plugins and external applications can be removed while in single click mode
    20. when external application settings change, they will be shown without reloading settings
    21. bug fixed with visualizations not being "beat sensitivity"
    22. navigation address search works with both capital and lower case letters, when using a keyboard
    23. web browser will continue to work after you leave and go to another section and come back
    24. web browser display problem fixed
    25. web browser works with popups, if the popup is closed with a button on the web page, the browser goes back
    26. when you change the skin and then watch fullscreen video, when you hit next video it will stay fullscreen
    27. fixed corrupt database problem where initial setup runs everytime and the buttons show no text
    28. navigation quickest route/shortest route display issue fixed
    29. when you close TV the previous audio starts playing again
    30. cdrom and usb devices should be properly detected, not using wmi anymore
    31. TV settings save when you exit the application
    32. holding down on volume controls with keyboard properly functions
    33. letters do not appear ontop of list views when they are not suppose too
    34. menu button does not stay highlighted when clicked to close the menu
    35. navigation does not pause music when you have no voice prompts or voice prompts disabled
    36. street name shows up in navigation information display bar
    37. improved method of closing external applications, all applications should not properly exit
    38. fixed visual notifications in navigation routing
    39. phone signal does not show full signal when there is no signal, although some phones send invalid data when no signal present
    40. full control of the application is works while fullscreen visualization is playing on a secondary secreen
    41. mini media player visualization updates while fullscreen visualization is playing on a secondary screen
    42. negative speed no longer comes back in navigation mode
    43. mouse cursor hides on resume from hibernation and standby when enabled
    44. bug fixed where entering a favorite in navigation with a blank name caused you to never be able to remove it
    45. fixed bug where some GPS receivers did not stay locked onto satellites in navigation mode
    46. when making outgoing calls the accept/hang up dialog pops and does not disappear
    47. when searching using the navigation address search screen, the C & D buttons now work
    48. GUI application parameter for external applications properly gets saved
    49. you are able to add an external application in single click mode
    50. window name is not required when setting up a non-GUI external application
    51. list items highlight when clicked in single click mode
    52. video icon is properly displayed when toggling the favorites button on the media player while playing a video
    53. you can click anywhere outside the loading screen and it will disappear, this if for if you don't want to see it or it gets stuck loading a web page
    54. when searching the library by clicking on the top title header, it properly displays if you were previously in picture mode
    55. you no longer get stuck in a search when you click the top title header, you can simply press library to get back to your library
    56. when moving through multiple HD playlists with one of them being a picture playlist, the audio will not stop
    57. in settings the text no longer goes too far to the right on the labels on the left
    58. back now goes to the previous section and does not count the main screen as a section
    59. all picture thumbnails properly get created
    60. web browser favorites work in single click mode
    61. in search mode play now properly works, when in single click mode
    62. when you change screens the main title header properly displays the "...", when necessary

    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210