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Two issues found in RC2 that wasn't in RC1

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  • Two issues found in RC2 that wasn't in RC1

    Hi all,

    i found two issues in RC2 which were not in RC1.

    First of all, Centrafuse became slower. About 30% on my M10000 as
    it was on RC1. This causes the good old song jittering/slow control
    I had the same problem with RC1, but only when i enabled the "better graphics"
    option, which isn't in the settings anymore.
    For all people reporting centrafuse to be too slow, try RC1.

    Second issue is with the re-introduced single click function.
    It works fine on nearly every screen, but when you want to add
    Music Paths, you can't really browse. When you click one dir,
    it jumps into it, and then jumps from the upper files to the lower
    in the list. Hope David can reproduce this.

    That's all - for now.