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Dlink software for RadioShark

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  • Dlink software for RadioShark

    i've searched the web over looking for the dlink software that is supported by CF. in my old carputer i had a radio shark, and while i know how much it sucks (going to try and sodder a new antenna on it and such), it's still free for right now and i'd like to get it to work w/ CF.

    i read that the dlink software supports radioshark, so i was hoping that i could get my hands on that, then i could get radio shark to talk to CF w/o embedding anything special.

    all i've found are the drivers for the old dlink site on the australian dlink site.

    any leads would be appreciated.

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    i'm still searching for a way to get radioshark (no matter how bad it sucks) to work w/ centrafuse. could this be included in an update? or are there drivers out there that will get it to work?


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      Heyy !

      The same story here - still trying to setup Radioshark to work with CentraFuse - but no luck. Bad support for such a nice radio ;-)

      Did you get any luck with that ?
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        meh.. i got a radioshark two that i wouldnt mind embedding in CF, unfortunately nothing i have come across works for it.

        ill try and find those dlink programs for RS2... if they exist
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          Thx man !
          Will wait your post. On my side I will try to search for them also.
          BMW X5 Carputer Project
          Finished: 85%


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            lol - this is a long dead post

            never found any help for it - take my advice, buy XM