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ID3 Tag Issues - Album Art

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  • ID3 Tag Issues - Album Art

    Having some artwork/ID3 tag problems:

    I have:


    ie. C:\Music\Taking Back Sunday\Louder Now\03 MakeDamnSure.mp3

    I have an extremly large collection of MP3s.
    I have moved over about 5 different artists and a few CDs for each artist.
    I have organized all of my music through iTunes.
    All of these albums show up perfectly in iTunes, inluding the album art.
    Each album has the artwork embedded into each MP3 via ID3 tag.
    Each image is a perfect square and they range in size from 256x256 up to 600x600 pixels.

    Only 5 album covers are showing up out of the 11 albums I have on the PC. One album is also showing up as "Unknown Album".

    The mp3s, folders and ID3 tags are all perfect. I have no idea why the one album is showig up as "unknown album". Looking at the "advanced summary" information windows provides for MP3s, everything looks good too. The image sizes dont seem to have any effect. A couple 600x600 show up and a couple of the smaller ones show up. The "get info" in itunes shows the ID3 tags as v2.3 for all of them encoded with LAME3.90.

    I cant think of what else to do to help narrow this problem down?

    Displaying Artist Differently:

    Also, is there anyway to display the song information differently. I would like the music section to display the artist where you display the album name and then have the album name below it, and then list the songs, without the artist name before each song. I would love to see the track number there instead. For example "Taking Back Sunday" takes up almost the entire line for the track name.

    Other info:

    I am new to your front end and I just started diggin through the xml files, so I apologize if these were stupid questions. I really like the defualt look of your software. I am a web developer and I do a lot of graphic design and your defualt skin is very similiar to what I had in my head. Love the layout too. If I can get your software tweaked a little, I would be happy to pay for it!! I also LOVE the ability to display the Albums by cover art. I spent an insane amount of time collecting all the artwork for my 2300+ albums

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    I have this problem too, and always have with Centrafuse. It seems to always have been somewhat inconsistent in reading ID3 tags, and with no internal editor to correct things, it's hit-or-miss trying to figure out what's going wrong when CF builds its library database.

    I would also LOVE to see an option to customize the display in the title bar and the "now playing" list.


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      ya, I really dont get it. I'm going to try to narrow it down more tonight. Anyone else have any of these issues??



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        In WinAmp it show correct.

        In Centrafuse some are "Unknown Album". Dont know why.
        Sometimes its even in the same album.


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          I am having the same problem. Started when I added new music to "My Music" folder and then did a rebuild. I have done this before in other versions. but in this newest release, I have had this problem.

          Any ideas? What should be the process for adding new music into the system?