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Feature Request - auto-scroll "now playing" list?

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  • Feature Request - auto-scroll "now playing" list?

    I don't know if this is possible or difficult (or desireable for anyone else)

    but I think it would be very nice if the now playing list would automatically scroll BEFORE the current track hits the bottom... maybe keep the current track in the center (and highlighted)? obviously it would have to allow manual override if you scroll up or down with the arrows.

    the reason I suggest this is that I frequently look to see what the upcoming track is going to be, and if the current track is at the bottom of the list, I have to manually scroll down a full "page" to see what's next.

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    I agree.
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      Me too. Would look more OEM too!
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        Like it, think it was suggested way way back :-) but so was a million other things, veetid got 99% of them
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          I like it but would like a option to chose between the 2.
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            Originally posted by bns2000 View Post
            I like it but would like a option to chose between the 2.
            really? I can't imagine a downside to this. Manual scroll would be preserved.