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Just received a VFD for testing

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  • Just received a VFD for testing

    Since all 4 of my VFD's worked, I had a user mail me a VFD that was not functioning and showing the squares...

    It does not work as people reported, so now I can get to work fixing it...

    I actually can't even get it to work in LCDSmartie5.3... It displayed data once for about a second and then went back to squares..

    So there are some differences in the VFD's I have and this one, I can see them in the wiring and the can tell with the timing...

    I hope it's as simple as some timing or wait/receive code I need to add and we should be good to go...

    main thing was step one getting me a VFD that had the reported issue, that part is done so I can now move forward...

    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210