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feature request: progress bar or whatever its called

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  • feature request: progress bar or whatever its called

    I have a feature request. not sure if it has been requested already but here it goes:

    I play a lot of really long mp3s. hour long sets from dj's are common in my playlists.

    the "skip" button doesnt work very well as a "FF" button when held. usually I end up skipping forward a few tracks instead of fast advancing through the mp3 Im listening to, and on top of that, trying to scan forward 5 minutes through an hour long set is effectively futile.

    so why not make a slider bar accross the top or bottom of the screen so the user could just touch anywhere along the bar to put the mp3 at that location in the track?

    it doesnt have to be very big.
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    Its already been asked alot.

    David said he might add it after he releases centrafuse for sale.
    Meaning after he gets all the bugs out
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