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Update information on Phone Control in CF 5.

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  • Update information on Phone Control in CF 5.


    I just want an update after testing Phone Control in CF 5.0

    Phone: Nokia N73
    Nokia PC Suite installed

    After downloading additional files posted by Zorro

    • Able to receive, and make calls by enter phone number manual in CF.
    • Able to make calls from phone book.
    • Calls from people in phonebook are displayed when calling
    • Able to send SMS by the use of SMS button and entering phone number

    Is it correct, that you not are able to read INBOX, and the only function working with Nokia phone is that you can send a SMS manualy ?
    ( just want a confirmation…

    Is it right, that you not are able to send a SMS to one from your contacts list.
    By only: Highlight your contact - SMS button – Write SMS ?

    After importing new Vcard you have to restart CF. Otherwise you are not able to go in to the phone again. Is this a BUG ore is this the way

    I have a question about how I check the signal and battery level is correct displayed, while the displayed signal and level is not corresponding to the phone values

    Vcard question.
    Is it correct that you must copy your contacts to a folder on your hard drive before converting, while I’m not able to browse Vcards directly from the phone. Just get a error displayed?

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    Added your vcard issue... I have about 10 issues to work out with CF and PhoneControl for the next release...

    I added code to send SMS to numbers not in your contact list, but it is not working in RC5, it will be fixed...

    not sure about phone specific issues...

    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210


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      Thanks for the quick replay Dave

      I will wait until you release the next version of CF for further testing


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        i have been waiting for it to work with my nextel phone i870... the program sees it and will connect but dialing a number from CF wont work or when recieveing a call it wont pick it up or the program wont even tell me a call is coming in hopefully phone control will support more phones.