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Question about rebuilding library

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  • Question about rebuilding library

    This may be stupid, but I need to find out the answer

    Lets say I have a folder with my songs in it. If I stick in my USB flash drive and import those songs to that folder; Do I have to "Rebuild" my library or are those songs already in the library?

    I did a test to try this out on my desktop and I found that it was already in the library without rebuilding the library.

    If this is true then what is the point of rebuilding the library? I ask this since I have roughly 5000+ songs and it takes 6-8 minutes to rebuild the library and it would be a pain to have to rebuild the library if I had a few new albums once in a while.

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    If you import songs using the import button, they are automatically added into the library and you don't need to do anything further. If you add/delete songs through windows , you will have to rebuild.

    David, it would be nice to have the ability to remove or delete songs from our library as well. Just a thought.


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      if you remove/delete while in the importer it will remove them from the library....

      as well as I believe you can remove items while in my library...

      also if Centrafuse is running and you copy over your network the file monitors will auto add to your library without having to rebuild...

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        Ok thanks, that is what I wanted to know!