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  • Recording

    I was thinking of a new possible feature that i'd love to see in a later version of CF:

    Since i'm doing deliveries all day long i tend to spend a lot of time in my car. Sometimes i have to have change gears, sometimes i have to have lunch while driving, sometimes i need to answer the phone and sometimes i have to take notes...
    Sometimes i find myself doing all this at the same time. Therefore, a button in CF recording whats being said either just by me, but rather, the possibility to record a phone conversation would be of great use. I guess in some countries this might be illegal, but i know for certain that here in sweden it's not. Not as long as at least one party in the conversation - in this case me - knows it's being recorded.

    Think about it. Missus calls and wants you to buy milk, eggs, butter and by now you forgot everything. Press record and then replay it on the parking lot. Brilliant, isn't it?!