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Very odd behaviour after I installed 1.10 and upgraded to 1.11

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  • Very odd behaviour after I installed 1.10 and upgraded to 1.11


    I removed RC5 from my computer and reinstalled a fresh 1.10, I then upgraded to 1.11 using the automatic updater.

    Everything seemed to be fine until I noticed one thing:

    When I have CF running as a shell audio doesn't work.

    This is what happened and what I did:

    1. I boot the pc, I DO hear the windows startup sound and then CF starts to load, I get the warning buttons (I didn't remove them) and I click OK. when I tried to play music - nothing happened (nothing playes and the play button remains the same).
    3. I then tried to rebuild the library to see if it helps (after yet another restart if it helps...), CF put all my songs under "unkown artist".
    4. This time I noticed I also don't hear CF startup sound nor do I hear any of the buttons being pressed.
    5. I then exited from CF back to the normal explorer shell and started CF manually - everything worked like a charm! I tried this again and again (restarting, existing CF starting CF manually...) and I had the same results.

    I am pretty puzzled, maybe it's something I did because I didn't see any other report on this matter, but considering the install base - it doesn't really say anything.

    Is there anything you want from me before I reinstall CF? (logs, debug mode if exists, etc...)

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    do the manual upgrade to 1.12 posted in the last thread of the bugs for 1.11

    there were some issues with 1.11

    I will have the 1.12 full installer posted to the website as soon as I can...

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