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Stutter on resume from hibernate / standby

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  • Stutter on resume from hibernate / standby

    I upgraded today from the trial of CF1.20 to the official download that I purchased and I am now experiencing the stuttering issue after resume from Hibernate and resume from standby, after rebooting the music plays fine. ould David would anything have changed that should affect this? I'm running a pentium 4 2.0 Ghz with 512 meg of ram so there should be plenty of power. I haven't have any driver changes recently and i've been using resume from hibernated for months with no problems.

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    there is not difference in the trial and the version you downloaded either...

    that should be enough power, if you close and reopen does it stop?

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      Yes I can either restart or exit centrafuse and reopen it and the stutter disappears. I have also noticed that is I have a file browser window open as an application in centrafuse the music will stutter, it seems like it is running low on memory but memory monitoring programs indicate there is 120MB plus free. This problem is getting less frequent lately it was happening everytime and now I can enter standby several times without the problem occuring.