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Problems when trying to use phone with CF

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  • Problems when trying to use phone with CF

    I had to try 4 different bt dongles before I found one that's suitable with CF. I tried MSI, two different epox models and now i'm using A-link which seems to work fine. I managed finally to import my phonebook and everything should be set, but I can only randomly answer to calls. Everytime call is coming CF/Phoco says that call is coming, but very often the answering windows is missing. Sometimes when that window is shown and I press green button to answer the call won't be hands free, but instead CF/Phoco just uses phone's mic and speaker. If i'm playing music while a call is coming sometimes music will be muted but sometimes it won't and hardly ever it comes back after the call is finished unless I quit the call using CF's red phone button. Battery level and signal strength indicators are working fine though. I'm using Nokia N73 atm. I got problems with call making also. I can make the call, but it won't be hands free.

    oh yes and sometimes CF/Phoco answers my phone automatically after one ring.