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Bug: "reading music folders" dialog always comes up

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  • Bug: "reading music folders" dialog always comes up

    Bought Centrafuse XLE, installed it. Very annoying bug is that every time I start the app, that darn dialog comes up "Reading music folders" that takes 30 minutes to re-index all of my mp3s. Even if I let it run to completion, it still comes up again next time. I can cancel out with no problem, but I want this gone. What is the secret incantation I can use to disable this feature? I don't want my mp3s indexed, I always browse my music folders directly.

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    This should not be happening... Does it load settings everytime you start? This would mean it is either not getting set that it has already run once for some reason, or it is having trouble reading something from startup...

    Does it create an error.log file in LocalAppData\Centrafuse\error.log?

    If so please post it...

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