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DualScreen Problem

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  • DualScreen Problem

    I have a dualscreen setup, but experience some problems with it.
    I use my onboard VGA, and an USB VGA.
    If I set my onboard as primary monitor and I let CF put video on display2 the video gets displayed on my USB VGA (as expected).
    Now this is all fine, however the USB card isn't fast enough to playback video.
    So what I want to do is set my USB VGA as primary, so CF starts there, and displays my music, navigation etc there, and put video on my onboard VGA.
    However if I set my VGA as primary, go to CF, tell video to be on Display 2, and start a video, it still gets displayed on the same screen as CF itself (the USB VGA).
    I didn't have this problem with CF 1.10, but now do have it with 1.20 and 1.47 (that's the ones i tested).
    Any solution for this?

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    hmm... we will try to reproduce this and see what we can do...

    try to make sure the monitor you want to display the main application on is set to Display1 and on the left hand side of the two monitors...

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