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  • XMPCR Oddity

    I am having a strange problem with CF and my XMPCR. I am running CF 2.0 RC3. It took a while to get my XMPCR to work with CF 2.0 but after I did it has been running fine. Yesterday when I started up the XM module, I was getting the strangest sound from the XM. You could get a second or two of sound but then it made a sound kind of like plucking the lowest frequency string on a guitar. Then normal sound, then the plucking sound. This alternated back for about 5 minutes. The whole time, I could see the indicator in the upper left change from ‘Live’ to 10:45 and then back. I exited the XM module, changed the channel, went into the setup and switched buffering on and off, exited CF and then restarted. Aftewr about 5 minutes it seemed to clear up on its own. The whole rest of the day, it seemed to be ok. This morning, first thing, same behavior. It is the oddest thing.

    Any idea what might be going wrong? The XMPCR is plugged directly into a USB on the motherboard. The COM port is correctly identified in the device manager. I am at a loss.

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    Well if it is any consolation, I get the same behavior with a different FE and a different tuner. I use RR and XMD1000 and sometimes it does the same thing. I exit and restart XM and sometimes it goes away right away and some times I have to exit several times. I never have to restart the PC just XM. I thought I was the only one so I thought it was something quirky about my setup. XM issue maybe??
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      its an xm signal issue, happens to most users at times...