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HDRadio problems

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  • HDRadio problems

    The info button still dose not work in the HDradio screen. It did not work for me in R2 and still dose not in R3. Over the weekend I did some testing. I re-imaged my system and installed RR. I tried 3 skins and on every one I have info from the tuner and shows in the screens so I am sure it is not my system. Also after trying some of the RR skins and looking at their HDradio screens I came to realize some other missing feathers from the CF screen, no signal meter, no true indicator you are on a HD channel or way to tune the sub channels. If I am missing some setting or secret could someone help me out here.

    2004 Sport Trac PC Project.

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    We are working on the hdradio plugin over the next several weeks to improve it...