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After resuming from sleep, Centrafuse is unusably slow until CF restart

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  • After resuming from sleep, Centrafuse is unusably slow until CF restart

    1.) Be playing radio or music (probably don't need anything playing - I've just always had one or the other going).
    2.) Sleep and awaken the computer.

    Bug: CF is now running extremely slowly. The audio is very stuttery and it can take over a minute in some cases for button presses to register.

    I could have had an accident due to this if I had started driving right when I got in the car. I started the car, and CF resumed as usual. But I wasn't getting audio, so I pressed Volume Up a bunch. Nothing happened and I started to drive away from my house since I was in a hurry. Then suddenly I had the stereo blasting almost full volume (almost unbearable). Fortunately I was just outside my parking lot so I could pull over and open my door. After pressing the volume down button a bunch, it took another 30+ seconds for the volume to lower.

    I think this is probably the same underlying bug as where the problem occurs after rewinding in the radio buffer.

    I'm using CF 2.0 RC4, and this did NOT happen in RC3.

    I think it's back to StreetDeck for me until this is fixed... or maybe I will reinstall RC3. Too bad since I was really looking forward to the radio working (which it does for me in RC4 only).
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    Any chance of an RC 4.1 so that CF is usable without waiting a few weeks for RC5?


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      that is the plan... we plan to test the updater next week, before the RC5 release...

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        This problem is NOT fixed in RC5.

        Sigh. I was really hoping to start using CF as my main frontend instead of StreetDeck, but it is a major pain to have to remember to completely exit it every time before I shut down my car, and then wait for about a minute for it to manually relaunch after I restart my car.

        I really hope this is fixed soon; otherwise I guess I just blew $250 on registering CF.


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          The problem does not occur if I turn off Phone support. I guess I'll keep Phone off since calls don't really work anyway.

          So is phone support just a complete pipe dream that I should not even bother with anymore? I've spent almost $100 on bluetooth adapters already.


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            interesting, because the log posted originally in post #1 about this issue the phone was not enabled either... can you post another log now, with phone enabled, after reproducing this? havnt had any other reports about this, so it is something with the g4 i am thinking... maybe i do remember some saying phone was slow on the g4 back in the rc1/2 days, but havn't heard much about that lately...


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              I can't get a system report because CF is completely locked up after resuming from standby with Phone enabled.

              Previously it was just unimaginably slow (taking a minute or more to respond to button presses), but I waited over 5 minutes several times in a row today and the Settings button didn't even change color to indicate it had been pressed.


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                u can post the report from the next time you run cf... definitely s system/g4 related issue, will have a look at the log...


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                  A log is attached (today when I tried it wasn't completely locked up, but it did take me over 5 minutes to go through the process of creating/saving the system report).
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