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Play radio & then sleep/resume PC: Buffered radio is played back, time display wrong

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  • Play radio & then sleep/resume PC: Buffered radio is played back, time display wrong

    1.) Play the Radio with the buffer on (only way I can play it currently - see
    2.) Sleep and resume the PC.

    - CF incorrectly starts playing from a few seconds back in the buffered audio (content you heard before the PC went to sleep), before it then correctly starts playing back in realtime.
    - The time display for the playback shows "-29:56" or "-29:57" (I have my time display set to show remaining time), and never moves from that position even though the realtime playback is occurring.

    This is in CF 2.0 RC4. I don't know about RC3 since radio wasn't working for me then.
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    hmm, i dont see anything in the log showing me anything good. Is this still happening? Please report back if still experience this issue after next cf update...


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      This still happens in RC5 and makes radio a very bad experience (the radio is also very stuttery). If I had an alternative to CF, this bug would be a dealbreaker for me. It happens now even if I don't have the buffer rolled back (Buffered mode but listening "live").


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        just not sure, we have an inhouse g4 and radio works perfectly. we know the routine, post up a log and we'll see if we can spot anything. You can also disable buffer correction in aud/vid settings now, u can try that also, althoguh running w/o correction has its own set of issues...


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          Buffer correction doesn't seem to make a difference. I wish I even knew what that really was though (just like Enhanced Graphics - does that take up CPU? I didn't really notice a difference with it off or on).