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MPL File Encoding issue

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  • MPL File Encoding issue

    I have the same problem to show the presaved playlist. After some research, I found the program save the the playlist into .mpl file in both playlists and system directory. The problem is that program save it into UTF-8 format, but when program to reload these file, it load it as plain ASCII file, which result these weird character.

    There is two way to resolve this problem:
    1. save the file into unicode file
    2. when read file, read it as utf-8 format

    either way will solve the problem. Hopefully, this problem will be solved soon, since it has to be done from the source code, it is totally depends on the author.

    Another add up:

    When program read ID3 tag from mp3 file, it doesn't read it as unicode format. I have no problem to categorize the wma file, but for mp3 file, it shows up right in the directory, but not in the category list

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    see my response here

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