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Volume does not work on main screen

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  • Volume does not work on main screen

    When i am i centrafuse the volume buttons on the left adjus the % but the actual volume out of speakers do not adjust. To get the volume to adjust i have to goto the volume tab and adjust the wav volume. Is there a way to link the volume buttons to the wav master volume in the program?

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    I'll look into possibly linking them. What type of soundcard are you using?

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      another volume prob

      First post here, read edit

      I noticed that if I changed the volume on centrafuse the volume on my frontleft and frontright speakers change but not on the rearleft and rearright speakers. I also am going to use the sub/center but haven't tested them get, don't really know if it's the same there.

      as drewinstl said: it works in the windows volume.

      also an example is that the volume on the rear speakers works fine in Windows media player

      maybe It's not the programs fault, maybe it's me.

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      EDIT: I searched and found a thread about that you would look in to this prob. I guess I should look into that wave fix.
      sorry for the messup
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        Has this been fixed yet. I have the same problem, udsing the built in sound on the mini itx m10000
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