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  • Duration of MP3 Incorrect

    When I start playing an MP3 that has a long duration, such as live mix sets, I've noticed that the displayed duration of the MP3 is not correct. For example, an MP3 file could be a 112 minute file but centrafuse displays that it is only 2 minutes long. The whole file plays and the play counter is correct. The only thing that is off is the total duration of the MP3.

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    I've also noticed this with some VBR mp3s. CBR's seem to always work perfect though.
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      Same problem. I get some 14 minute songs
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        Same here... all in all there's several problemes with the MP3 playback, also some of my mp3's won't play at all, even though they play perfect in winamp.


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          blame that on windows cuz this also show up when using media player. personally, it doesnt bother me. if it is a major problem, just re-encode to cbr.
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            you could try changing your mp3 decoder, that might fix it... I have never had a problem with my mp3's, but I encoded most of them myself and I know they are proper... I have seen some files not play, usually files from P2P programs and they are invalid... The reason they play in winamp is because winamp will actually play bad mp3's... I plan on researching what all winamp does to play non-valid mp3's... One thing I know they do is scan the whole file for the header information instead of the beginning of the file, where it is suppose to be...

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              The file length and play duration show up correctly in WMP...


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                Might be a codec issue. Do you have any of the codec packs installed? If so, try uninstalling them and see if the problem still persists..
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                  I've got this issue too. A bulk of my collection has been re-ripped and encoded in 192VBR.
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                    same problem on a clean winxp installation
                    only xp rivers and cf
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                      RE: MP3 Tags reported bad by windows

                      I had the same problem, and through this website and a few others, I think I may have a solution that will work for you.
                      I've found that if I used MP3Tag,
                      then loaded all the files in there that give you the wrong Duration, then Select All and click on the Advanced Tags, you'll find a field called "Length". Select it, then click on the red X, which simply removes the "tag field" for the file's Duration, and then your player will simply find the duration itself and report the right size.

                      I hope this fixes your issue as it did mine.