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Several Bugs - GPS, Interface, Upgrade

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  • Several Bugs - GPS, Interface, Upgrade

    Hi there

    first of all: AMAZING APPLICATION!!

    I've just installed Centrafuse 1.5 (upgrading from 1.4) and encountered several Problems:

    1. When installing over a prior installed 1.4 the application wont launch - uninstalling 1.4 solved to problem

    Using GPS is nice except for some errors...

    2. When navigating to a specific Street with a specific number navigation takes you to the city-center if the house-number is incorrect or not in the destinator cards. for example if i input house-number 123 and this number does not exist it gives no error message but navigates me to the city center.

    3. when i select 'Favorites' from the menu, move to my locations and create a new entry from my current location and do NOT enter any name (cause i cannot cause theres no on screen keyboard) it saves it labled '...' - after this i cannot remove this entry.

    4. GPS Menu -> History doesnt seem to work

    5. The Button with the moon and the star (on the bottom first one on the right beneath the 'skip to next track') has no effect

    6. Main -> Tools -> Shutdown does not have any effect- have to exit CF and manually shut down

    And here are some suggestions:

    for GPS:
    - make the font in the menu bar BLACK or bigger - i have a big problem reading the blue on white font thing
    - add arrows instead of 'turn right' or 'turn left' as some people like me have difficulties to seperate 'left' and 'right'
    - add the current speed somewhere huge enough in the lower green bar of the GPS
    - add a bar where i can see my CURRENT location. i find this very useful when i am on the way to someone, he calls and asks where i am...
    - make an seperate button for 'my locations' in the gps menu-bar

    Another question of mine: can i use the cf1.4 serial-number for 1.5?
    is there a german translation available? i have great difficulties when navigation to a city with a peculiar in it...

    Well thats it for now - keep up the good work!!
    My Car-PC: Athlon XP Barton 2800+, 512 MB Ram, 60GB HDD, Radeon 9800 Pro, 7" Touchscreen MM400 :)

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    Language thread:

    The German language file probably hasn´t been updated to 1.5 (most of us are waiting for 1.6 to update the language versions) but you should be able to use the german keyboard posted in the thread.
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