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Crossfade Causes Freezing?

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  • Crossfade Causes Freezing?


    AWESOME PRODUCT! Tried about 10 of them, this is the one I've stuck with over the past year. Definately will buy. 'Nuff said.

    Just installed 1.5 in the car the other day, I love the button clicking noise and the cross fading on the music. My friend's little brother apparently found a bug or something.

    Within about ten seconds of having been playing the first song in the playlist, he started clicking the 'next' button going through mp3s. Two or three clicks in, he decided to go even faster and rapidly was tapping the 'next' button so fast, all you could hear was the button click sound. Within about a second or two of him doing that rapid-fire button pressing, CF locked hard. It kept playing the last song it had landed on, but did not respond to anything else.

    Once the song finished, it replayed that song again--even though repeat wasn't enabled.

    Curious to what caused it (and since he was going "haha you suck" jokingly), I rebooted and disabled the crossfading option. He and I both tried doing the rapid fire thing to see if it locked. It never locked up again.

    Maybe it's just me? Thought I'd post it. Note to all: little brothers are great beta testers

    Running XP Pro, 512ram, 2ghz processor. There were 3,387 songs in the playlist at that time.