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OBD-II Not working for ISO

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    We built the OBDII plugin using an ElmScan 3 (ISO-Elm323 chip) on a 2002 VW Jetta and 2001 Jeep Cherokee. The plugin's Init method tries 3 times to connect to the specified COM port. Sometimes it doesn't connect the first time. When that happens simply click the "Red disconnected" button and it will attempt to reconnect. If are still having problems please post your error.log in the /centrafuse directory.
    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210


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      My Elmscan is not working. Only thing I got in the error log is this:

      11.03.2006 18:18:30
      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at centrafuse.obdii.resetOBDII()

      I set the correct COM port and it works in supplied software. Funny thing is it showed Green for connected, but gave no info and when I selected the Engine light button it said not connected again.


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        Yes, those 2 are known bugs in the OBDII plugin.
        Also, I've found that connecting to the Elm unit sometimes just fails. I have the init() method try to init the Elm bus 3 times before it gives up. I've noticed testing w/ ElmScans that sometimes to fail to initailize on the first try, and I have to click the green connected icon and it reconnects usually on the 2nd try.

        What device are you using (Elmscan 3 or 5) and what protocol is your car (ISO9141 or ISO KWP2000, VPW, PWM)?

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          Elmscan 5, on a Honda Accord 2000


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            I tried again today and this is the log:

            12.03.2006 08:21:47
            Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
            at centrafuse.obdii.ClearAllDTCCodes()
            at sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            at centrafuse.Plugins.skinButton.fireClick(MouseEvent Args e)
            at centrafuse.Plugins.CFPlugin.CFPlugin_MouseUp(Objec t sender, MouseEventArgs e)

            I tried pressing the red button a few times, and tried changing com ports. When I save the new Com setup I still get Green button on the status page, but no info and when I enter the engine light it is red.


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              OBD does not reconnect after hibernation

              I got my ElmScan 5 this morning and couldn't resist Now it's mounted in my Car.

              OBD in Centrafuse works well and I get most of the values filled in. But it only works until hibernation. After resuming, the OBD-Plugin still shows connected but obviously isn't. After pressing the button it continues to show data.


              PS: ElmScan5 is connected to the onboard COM1 of my M10000.


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                Glad to hear its working for you.
                The hibernation bug is also on my list to fix. Thanks
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                  So I got my scan tool working but there are a few problems. One, the data displayed in some of the cells is inconsistant and Two, the cells update very slowly. In other OBDII software you can select just the info you want to see and it updates much faster. This would be a nice feature. Don't get me wrong CF 1.6 is the best thing to ever happen to my carpc.


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                    jibberjabbs: what device are you using and what kind of car?

                    Which of the sensors do you suspect are incorrect?
                    I'm pretty sure I can make it poll the data faster as well.
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                      02 WRX with a ISO elmscan from The RPM sensor is very spuratic. I'll have too look at it again to see what others are off.


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                        Lol... Found out why my OBD was not showing. Forgot to select Elmscan 5.
                        Works fine now, but some parameters dont show, and updates are slow.
                        Looks really great!

                        Improvement wishes:
                        Is there a way to calculate fuel consumption?
                        Is there a way to calculate remaining fuel level?
                        Is there a way to calculate remaining km based on average fuel consumption and remaining fuel level?

                        Can OBD sensors be used to trigger stuff in CF?
                        For example:
                        Rear view camera when car is in reverse.
                        Forward looking IR camera when turning on night lights...
                        Trip data used in Destinator?


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                          edit.... found the answer to my question in another thread


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                            Fuel Consumption
                            Some extended manufacturer specific cars have FLI or Fuel Level Indicator. Fords from what I can tell have this.
                            I don't believe we are able to get fuel levels from the standard OBDII, and since we're not planning on doing anything (at this point) for specific makes or models, I wouldn't count on fuel level, although it would be nice...

                            Can OBD sensors be used to trigger stuff in CF?
                            Yes and no.
                            The plugin system allows to for plugin to plugin communication, so its definitely possible. However to get something like rear cam when you go in reverse would be tough b/c OBDII doesnt (from what I can tell) know what gear its in. You'd need to wire a relay up for that yourself. I think that is what other folks are doing. Same for the lights I believe. So yes, while its possible for OBDII sensors to trigger things in CF, the really neat stuff isn't availble from OBDII.
                            The next release will have the bugs fixed and should poll the ELM chip faster.
                            Formerly from Centrafuse