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Centrafuse RC2 Unknown Bugs

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  • Centrafuse RC2 Unknown Bugs

    New thread for RC2 bugs. Please check the links below to review the bugs that are already known, or that have already been fixed.

    Bugs Already Fixed:

    Known Issues:

    Also, if you have feature requests please make them in the main Centrafuse forum, not the bugs thread. Please first check the list of features that we already plan to add below:

    note: I plan to get RC2.1 released after I get the "Known Issues" resolved and add the "Features that will be added" from the Progress Report. There was also a problem in RC2 with the updater, which we found after more testing after it was released. So RC2.1 will require an uninstall/reinstall, but we will test the next round of updates with the online updater.

    This should cause no license problems because all the release candidates work with the same release candidate serial, not matter which version of the release candidate you run.

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