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    i have a 40gb nomad jukebox 3 that still works well and is full of music. i'd rather not fill my carpc with music files if i can get away with keeping them on my mp3 player and somehow integrating that into CF. windows does not assign the Nomad a drive letter, nor does it classify it as a usb storage device, but it still shows up under My Computer as an explorable drive/device. so, my question is this: can anyone think of a way to designate the drive in my mp3 player (which is a 2.5" laptop drive) as a music path in CF's settings? thanks in advance.

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    Just of the top of my head:
    You could check the computer management under Administrative Tools
    and see if you can find a way to assign a drive letter to it in some way.
    Not sure if it can be done, but there would be the place to do it if possible.

    Other than that, I'm sad to say that I have no idea what so ever.
    Hope I could help in any way..



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      thanks for your reply. i went in and looked at the different options under computer management but the nomad doesn't show up as a drive, it only shows up in the Device Magager under the USB controllers tab. CF has the option of using USB as your media source, but that only looks for USB storage devices and apparently the player doesn't qualify. any other thoughts anyone? thanks again, paran0id.


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        From this site:

        Can the NJB1 appear as a drive letter, mass storage device etc.?
        Basically it cannot appear as a drive letter in Window's Explorer.

        The Creative File Manager 2 software, although similar to Window's Explorer, is not the same and is stand-alone.

        Notmad Explorer ( allows the NJB3 to appear as a device in Window's Explorer, but not a driver letter. Although you can drag and drop MP3's in Explorer with Notmad, you cannot copy files to it from within applications.

        Equally the free Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition will also allow you view it as a device in Window's Explorer, but the functionality is extremely limited.

        Note, there are no 3rd party firmware or hacks that will allow this functionality either.

        Also note that even if this functionality could be added it would fundamentally change the way the device works. If the Music Library were to remain it would necessitate that everytime files were added a scan would be required by the device taking an amount of time to check what files were present. If the Music Library were to be removed then the device would have to be navigated by folders and files instead.

        If drive letter support is the most important feature for you then check the MuVo and MuVo² range of players which have this, albeit they use folder and file navigation
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          According to an image in this page, there seems to be
          support for playing files from your njb3 in winamp..

          Could just be a hack they've done to make it work, but worth a try.
          Just load the file in the playlist and press ALT+3 to see the file properties.
          At the top should be a path\filename for the song being played..

          And from that perhaps you could use subst to assign it a drive letter..
          Don't know if it'll work as I don't own a njb myself but as I said, it's worth a try..



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            thank you both for your help/suggestions. i'll give the winamp deal a shot and see how that works out. thanks again.


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              On the same subject i'm trying to integrate my zen to centrafuse, attempted to do a mediasource skin via skinbedder but after a while i realized that it would be best if it integrated with cf's media player. So maybe it would be possible to write a plugin for cf that would read the songs on the device and play them...

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