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Having some problems w/ PhoCo

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  • Having some problems w/ PhoCo

    Hi, I have yet to install my car pc, but I am testing all of the configs out on my laptop. I have a Samsung a707 phone. I am aware that the phone is not "compatible" with phoco, but I was told that if i used the d600 or something like that, then all i would lose would be the recent/dialed/missed calls phonebooks. Well, i tested this, and it doesn't really work too well for me. Can I use a regular mic and the laptops speakers to have a conversation? And the sms feature doesn't work. I paid too much for this phone to have it not work at all!! Am i just ignorant or something??


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    You tested an A600 ? or your phone

    Either you read incorrectly or just didn't think the purchase thru 100%
    Sony erricson phones are the most compatible with the features, in general

    From Zorans site:
    This version supports the D600 from Samsung with most of the standard features

    by you saying not working very well you should elaborate as to what
    if it dials the phone then that is to me a standard feature.

    People need to realize that if its not 100% COMPATIBLE thats it likely will be a let down this and buy their phones/ hardware accordingly
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      did the phone come supplied with a software disk/usb cable? this works fine in the case of my d600...

      I have to agree that the Sony Ericsson or the old Ericsson phones are by far the most compatible, im using a t68 that works awesome!
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