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[request] GPS Tracking plugin

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  • [request] GPS Tracking plugin

    Few ideas, but i don't know what's the quality

    GPS Tracking plugin and export option for google earth/maps or other option to export simple list with start/stoptime/date and total distance of that trip.

    export would be nice if it send it to predefined email address automaticly in certain gps position, example a parking lot of home.

    I Think title say's it all, just like AFtrack program for s60 symbian phones. Can be also better No limitations.

    I think this would help eveyone who have to use own car in work, to calculate work kilometres/miles. In here were i live, we get small fee for every driven km's, but I'm bit lazy and i don't remember to use trip meter.

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    yes this had been perfect. i have been looking for a software like this. and get this in cf would be heaven for me. becouse i travell lot and this would help me keep the track on where i been.
    i would even payed to get this plugin. i know there is some gps travel recoder. and its someting like this in the nav(destinator) would be perfect.


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      ****.. there was a thread on this awhile ago in the gps section. someone was beta testing thier tracker which used google maps... check in there.

      it has nothign todo with centrafuse, and you use xtender (i think thats the name) to split the GPS signal into 2 or more emulated ones. then centra takes one and the tracker service takes the other.

      then you would need to make another small program to send emails when it reaches certain co-ordinates, which can be done with a 3rd emulated GPS.

      lemme check my mail for the website


      found it, check out
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        I currently run CoPilot Live v9. It has built-in tracking/messaging.

        Basically, you have to send an authorization for people to track you and send messages. After they're authorized, they can see the closest city you're currently at and send you messages, which pop-up on the screen.

        CoPilot v11 also has the ability to type a response to whoever sent you a message. In v9, the user who sends you a message can put up to 4 choices of a response to send back.

        Myself, I wouldn't want detailed tracking. I drive truck OTR and don't want people to see exactly where I'm located. Just the closest city is just fine.


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          You mean like this?

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