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CFTrack plugin to record work and private related tracks

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  • CFTrack plugin to record work and private related tracks

    Hi all,

    I've made a plugin to automatically record the driven tracks. It saves all the data in a CSV file that can be imported in Excel. It records start and stop time, start an stop latitude and longitude, start and stop mileage count, driven miles, start and stop location (street and city), kind of destination (private or work).
    It also creates KML files per route which can be viewed in Google Earth.

    Have fun with it.
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    I hope it works. This would be a great plug-in for my needs. I am absolutely terrible at doing my monthly expense reports such that I get several months behind. Then I wind up doing a map quest type of thing from point to point to catch up. This might just automate the process nicely. Very slick work. Thanks and I'll be standing in line waiting for the release.

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      Looks good. I'll give it a go this weekend.

      Can it be set to start automatically? It would be great to have a record of all your trips without actually having to start the recording. It would be relativley easy to make such a program run in the background that just records all the nmea data, but having it intergrated in CF would be great.
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        It starts recording automatically when centrafuse starts or resume from hibernate. The start button is just an extra possibilty to start a recording. You should use the start button if you enter a destination. I'm thinking of changing the name destination into "category" or something like that. You can add more presets as destination in the config.xml.

        I've tested the plugin yesterday and it seems to work fine.


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          I've tried it an it works great. Any chance of having the source being released for it?

          I would ideally like a program that updates my position every few seconds and records it to a log file. Basically what you have done, but with the locations in between the start and finish of the trip as well...
          I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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            I've uploaded a new version (0.2) which creates KML files per route. You can view them in Google Earth. It only records the position (in longitude and latitude). Not the date and time of that position.


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              It seems like a good plugin dixie, i'll try it and send you feedback.
              Is there anyway the user can also manually add gas prices?


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                Could you be more specific? Do you want to log an entry every time you fill up your tank or do you want the plugin to calculate the total gas price of a recorded track?


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                  Ok, about the first answer. It could be very useful to see at the end of every month
                  how much you travelled and how much times you refuelled and money spent.
                  About the gas price of a recorded track I think that the result isn't worthy because of the different usage of car daily (it's not the same driving to go to work and another to make a nice trip just outside the city).
                  So I am for the first option. What do you think?


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                    This is awesome.. Just what myself and many have been wanting.. Please keep up the good work.


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                      This plug-in is awesome.....can i make a request/suggestion for future modifications to it.....

                      Because the plugin starts atomatically, would it be possible that when it senses movement or when centrafuse starts up a pop up appears asking what type of trip you are doing and gives an option to name the trip, so for work, you can put in the reason your travelling, that way when it saves it puts the destination next to the figures which would make expense claims and milage so much easier???

                      Just to make it the absolute mutts nuts


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                        There seem to be a problem after installing this plugin.. the Centrafuse splash screen does not go away when the plugin is installed and it gets stuck with "Building controls" message displayed. Also, music Autoplay on startup no longer works !!

                        Otherwise, a great plugin..