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[request] navigon nck5/ navigator 2 plugin

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  • [request] navigon nck5/ navigator 2 plugin

    hello forum.. this is my first post...i write from italy..

    i start to post with a request... i see on car tft that a new software was relesed by navigon for PC navigation.. NavigatoR 2.0 the new version of NCK5 i'll like to use it on my car embedded on centrafuse like i guidance , destinator ... anyone is able to do a plugin??
    i prefer it becouse is better for europe than destinator and has regularly updated navteq maps and uses few resources of my car PC

    here is another thread with the same request for RR i think...
    where could be found a link to a navigator SDK..

    thank you so much 4 the attention and sorry 4 my bad english

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    I'm also very interested in a plugin for navigator


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      me too!! :-)
      My Project: German/English


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        This would be handy!
        Or is there any other way to use TMC within Centrafuse?
        I am right now struggeling around with the PPC-Pligin implementation of TomTom and maybe taking it to Navigon mobile 6...


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          Should this be a "real" plugin?

          Are there any buttons needed in CF, or are they all available within navigator 2?

          Should there be any interaction between CF and navigator 2?

          Shouldnt it be enough to have the Navigator window embedded in CF?
          System Developer


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            just a option to start external programs in CF would be fine for now, as everything else is in NCK...

            Later an integration just as the destinator solution would be perfect, with switching to the navigation window on announcments, but right now the option to use NCK would be good enough for me at least...

            Thanks for the work!


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              If no one else want's a go for it, I will try to look into this by the end of january.
              System Developer