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  • Anti-Screensaver

    I'm looking for something that will disable the screensaver and monitor power management while Centrafuse is running.

    Right now I run a program called "Monitor Control", which lets me add a program for it to monitor if it's running or not. If the added program is running, it disables the screensaver and monitor power management. The problem with it is that even after exiting the monitored program, it doesn't re-enable the monitor power savings - the screensaver is reactivated, though.

    I drive truck OTR. I have my laptop in the sleeper of the truck and use it to watch movies and tv (via a USB tuner). With XP's Media Center, the screensaver won't kick in until a movie has stopped playing.

    The problem I have is that even with the blank screen screensaver, the backlight of the monitor is pretty bright inside the sleeper. So, I need the monitor power savings reactivated so that the backlight shuts off as well.

    Any ideas?