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USB cam blackbox plugin?

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  • USB cam blackbox plugin?

    I've been searching the forums for a bit now and I haven't found a plugin for capturing video while driving, black box style. Or even normal DVR type functions would be good.

    I found several older posts (2008 and before) with no solution, and one about a RR plugin that basically did this, but it seems to be an abandoned project.

    I'm after something that at least will open and hide in the background just recording a couple channels from USB cameras, and at best would have a plugin interface for CF to interact with it.

    Am I missing something? Forgive me, but while I've been a fan and user of CF for several years now (since 2005-2006), I've taken several years off from living in the forums.

    If there isn't a great plugin out there, then does anyone have a suggestion for some external software they use for this? The interface with CF is secondary to me at this point, I'd just like something always recording with a short history while I'm driving to catch those moments either funny, scary, or worse.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Both available on these forums.

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    Just realized we're in the Centrafuse section, maybe I didn't help you at all.
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      So here's a thread on the Cf forums:

      Start about page 12 or 13 which will describe the project as it now stands. I should have this ready in about a week or so.