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Apploader Plugin - Need more programs to embed into Centrafuse

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  • Apploader Plugin - Need more programs to embed into Centrafuse

    A while back ago I wrote the Apploader plugin that allows you to embed any application into Centrafuse. Each application can support its own button layout and commands. And the plugin can even put the program into fullscreen mode with the ability to overlay transparent buttons.

    Here's the main forum:
    (you can download the plugin from the marketplace)

    I just made some changes to Apploader and it now does a much better job embedding programs. The next version is already confirmed to work with DashCommand (which was an program I had previously struggled to embed). I'm now looking to the community to find out what other apps you'd want Apploader to support.

    Just for a reference, here are the apps currently supported:
    DashCommand (next release)
    iGuidance 2009
    iGuidance 4.0
    Garmin 5.0
    iTunes 9.0
    MS Paint

    Some suggestions I've heard before: Navmii, Mapfactor, Sygic, Automapa, iGo, Copilot.
    Any other applications that would be helpful to embed into CF?

    Also, if you can provide me with trial versions for any of these I'll provide you with a free license to Apploader.
    My Install - 2003 Lexus IS300

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    In my opinion Adobe AIR needs a good embed option for CF. On the native CF solution I'm embaressed to open a AIR App because it jumps across the screen 5 times (left, right, top left, top right, then finally centered) before CF looks pretty again..

    Here is a dutch weather app I created with Adobe AIR. You can use this for trail and error:

    If anything needs to be changed in the app (for compatiblity reasons or so) please let me know!


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      Windows Media Center


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        Don't know if you're still following this post, but I am looking for a great way to embed Google Earth into CF. I don't need anything fancy, I use Goops to tell GE the GPS position of my vehicle, which runs in the back ground. Having a quick launch for Google Earth would be awesome. Thanks


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          @hakkow - Adoba AIR isn't an application, it's a framework. The apps written for it (like Pandora desktop) can be embedded. I tested this with Pandora and it semi-works, but it'll really be app depending

          @jerry - the latest version of Apploader already includes a skin for Windows Media Center.

          @jonnychapps - Googe Earth is a good suggestion. I haven't tried embedding it yet but I don't see why it wouldn't already work since it's in a normal Windows frame. In the interim, you can try pointing Apploader to that application and I can play with it to determine which hotkets would be helpful for the skin to have.

          Thanks for the suggestions!
          My Install - 2003 Lexus IS300


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            This thread has been quiet for a while, but for the past 3 years or so I've been pulling my hair out trying to find a way to have Topographic maps on my CarPC. There are about a million for ipad/android/windows CE etc, but essentially zero for a windows XP/Vista/7 PC with a touch screen. There are a few out there (oziExplorer, Memory Map etc) however none of these are properly usable with a 7" touch screen. Icons are tiny and you really need to use a mouse.

            Are you able to help with a screen overlay to use OziExplorer? Only basic functionality is required at this stage, zoom, scrolling etc.

            Link OziExplorer trial