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    I think you already know this, if I mute the music, and it tells me that "signal is to low" on the gps then it unmutes the music afterwards.

    Perhaps the skin could be improved in embedded mode, so that some more buttons are arranged in a vertical fashion to leave more hight for the actual map?

    Since we always drive "up" in the map info to the sides are not very usefull, and the map is almost 2-3 times wider than its height, which makes it difficult to use. So maybe move the horisontal the the navi bar at the top to a vertical bar at the right with 2-3 buttons next to each other? I know it may not seem as much, but is does increase the map height with almost 10-15% ?
    Just a few "suggestions".

    Sorry for the pictures, i only had MS Paint on this computer
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