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OBDII plugin (KL/KKL) ?

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  • OBDII plugin (KL/KKL) ?

    Hi all VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda drivers. I hope there are some out there, maybe more in europe, i think. what do you think about an OBDII plugin, which uses the KL/KKL pins and the specific protocoll like the good VAG-COM to work with centrafuse. it could be very inderesting for users of any of the cars above, because much more details could be read out of the car, instead of using an ELM based product. and the KL cables is much cheaper too. but the implementation i think is harder, because the cable is a stupid one, all the information to get something out of the car is made in the software, not like the ELM system, mostly done by the cable. mybe we can use the vag com demo version as base software to get the parameters of the needed values like speed, fuel and so on? any ideas?

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    Source Code to Ross-Tech VAG-Scope

    Should give you an idea of how to get the values you want.


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      wow, i didn't know that the source code is free for this app, this could help a much. thank you man !!


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        Thats the source code for VAG-Scope, not VAG-COM. Should help regardless.


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          if there is the communication and some examples inside, it helps.


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            anything ever come of this?
            Jan Bennett
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            Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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              Anyone working on this?

              Whats the best OBD 2 cable for my VW Golf -99?