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List of all CF plugins (version, code, etc) and skins?

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  • List of all CF plugins (version, code, etc) and skins?

    CF is a pretty sweet product.
    As a developer I would like to look at the source code of existing plugins and skins so that I can see their best common practices.

    Is there a listing of all of the plugins and skins that are out there?
    As I understand it, plugins and skins are sometimes limited to the version of CF that they will run against.

    It would be great if the list looked like this:
    • Plugins: Plugin name, Plugin version, CF version, Author, Package, Source Code
    • Skins: Skin name, Skin version, CF version, Author, Package (infers source code)


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    We could take it a step further, and make the list in XML, or CSV file, put it up on the web, and then write a Centrafuse plugin that will list them out from the interface itself, fetch the download, install it, and restart Centrafuse.

    <plugin name="HelloWorld" latestVersion="1.0">
    <version id="0.1">
    <version id="0.2">
    <version id="1.0">
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      Awesome idea!
      Build it and they will come!