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centrafuse control by gamepad / joystick

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  • centrafuse control by gamepad / joystick


    there was a joystick/gamepad plugin developed by someone. I'd seen the thread of it approximately one month ago i guess but i'm not sure whether it was for centrafuse or not. May be it was for Roadrunner. Does anyone know the link of it?

    The main idea was to cut the wires of gamepad buttons and connect them to buttons on the cockpit. So that you would be able to change volume, track etc.


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    Using Girder, you can make any joystick, gamepad, mouse button, hot-key, IR signal, or just about anything else run a Girder script. A Girder script can send a hot-key, click a control, run a file, or do just about anything you want.

    You can make anything control anything with Girder. Look in to it.


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      It might of been me. I have nearly finished it, just need to add some error handling and give it a test.. less than a week I hope before its released.. below is a link to a previous RR version only, bu tif you download it you can at least test your joypad and get your buttons all working ready.

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        i'm using joy2key for convert the gamepad action to keys
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          CDRSkull, i've downloaded and tried it. It works, and i'll use it with RoadRunner.

          RPM_VR4 and xuri; girder and joy2key can be used for Centrafuse i think. I'll start with joy2key.

          Thank you all.

          Fiat Coupe 20V
          SP13000/512MB/80GB, Lilliput 7'', Holux GR-236