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SKINbedder with Centrafuse....:)

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  • SKINbedder with Centrafuse....:)

    Hey guys, since I was foolin around with what I liked etc I've run into something.

    Has anyone noticed that Skinbedder halts and gives a kernel32 error upon forceable exit(task manager style)? Well, either yes or no, the solution I've found is quite easy and will ensure proper halting of the tasks you so wish.

    IGNORE SKINbedders Shutdown= routine. I have found this piece of their software to be completely useless if you run Skinbedder with Centrafuse. The GENexus and iGNexus that I has no shutdown= calls, and instead I just create an exit button someplace, then throw a kill(**whateverapp**), kill(SKINbedder.exe) for it's click down/up. When you execute your software from then on, when you hit that exit button you've made, it's sure to exit both the skinbedder and the software instantly. And, probably due to how Centrafuse handles external app's in the first place, you will immediatly get placed back into your main menu and the osk title will not fragment over.

    I'm working with iGNexus and replacing the exit buttons now with the new "code." GENexus is stable and working 100%, as is iGNexus after I added this "code."

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    I don't get any error when I exit using CF's button. Sometimes with GENexus if you close it through CF, Google Earth and CF will lockup. If you then End Task on Google Earth, CF will work again. I have not figured out how to fix this problem yet, but I think it is related to the way I embed the Google Earth window. I do not have any problems with iGNexus.

    I'm not sure I fully get your solution. Basically you just removed the shutdown= commands and made a new button that does those same commands right? What do you mean about the OSK title fragment?

    Anyway, I would also like to point out that I never close any app in the car. You should just use the Main Menu button in the upper left to switch away from it. That way it doesn't have to re-load when you switch back. Why do you need to close it for anything other than testing / skin-creation?