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  • Plugin Request - Team Speak

    Sorry for the double post but I noticed this is the right spot after I posted in the main area...

    I have a lot of friends and family that use TeamSpeak all over the world, I find that on long trips TeamSpeak makes them much shorter when I can chat on TeamSpeak through my bluetooth headset. Only issue is that it can be a pain to switch between CF and TeamSpeak. If someone could make a TS plugin that would be awesome.

    I tried requesting this over in the RR forums, but just got flammed because of TS being known primarily in the PC gaming community. So now I have found CF and I am really liking what I am seeing!

    Also I am thinking of setting up a CARPC TS server for other CarPC enthusiest to get to know each other in or out of there cars, would anyone else be interested in this?

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    I read your post in the RR forums, and I thought it was a good idea. I don't think it would be hard to impliment. You could just embed TS into your frontend, and have it output to your bluetooth headset. I am currently doing this with Skype, and it works great.
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      I like the idea


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        If enough people are interested I will setup a TeamSpeak server for CarPC users to use. Kind of a central meeting place to discuss your CarPC and meeting other CarPC enthusiasts. Either from home or on the road!


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          I have setup a CarPC community TS server. Feel free to jump in on the road or at home!

          Port: default (8767)